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Deferred Annuities

Deferred Annuities 

A deferred annuity is designed to accumulate funds for a long-term.  Accordingly, it is characterized by an accumulation stage.  The accumulation stage is the period during which funds are deposited into the contract and are credited with a certain rate of interest earnings or grow in relation to the performance of the investments in which they are deposited.  Generally speaking, the minimum accumulation period associated with a deferred annuity is typically five to ten years.  Contract owners could be assessed a penalty charge if they withdraw funds from their annuities earlier.

At the end of the accumulation stage, the owner can withdraw the funds in whole or in part, leave the funds in the contract to continue accumulating, or annuitize the contract.  This tax-deferred growth is a distinct advantage that an annuity offers over other investment products.

A deferred annuity can be funded with a single lump-sum premium payment or with a series of premium payments over time, as and when the owner wishes.

For a free copy of the LIMRA September 2014 Update of The Facts of Life and Annuities click here.

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